This blog is dedicated to all my experiences in the kitchen and experiences outside the kitchen but about food, the phases before and after preparing/eating/reading about or discussing it.

The kitchen is a sacred space, and cooking, a religion for me. For me, cooking isn’t just about the end product…it is about the thought process, the learning, the research, the food culture, the variations and ultimately my own relaxation therapy. It’s about the myriad aromas, sensations, the sound of the pressure cooker hissing, or mustard seeds sputtering.

I’ll use this place to record my kitchen ecstasies and frustrations, discoveries and age old granny wisdom from my family. From ridiculously simple to painstakingly arduous recipes, I want this to be my kitchen legacy, that I can one day hand over to some young, budding kitchen enthusiast. I’ve even visualized how that would be…

A couple decades down the line, I’d be a graceful (hopefully!) old woman with a zillion tried and tested recipes in my kitty and even more kitchen stories to tell. When some young great niece or nephew would show me their dedication to the kitchen space, I’d hand the ownership of this blog to them (just like my great granny would’ve handed down her legacy, through volumes of kitchen diaries, in my imagination) and then I’d give a mysteriously wise, wrinkly smile, and the frame would go black. Ya ya, I know, I’m silly!

Note: Please excuse my photography. I really suck. 😦



  1. Can you set a category as vegetarian and vegan to make it easier? Thanks, love what your doing 🙂 ( maybe gluten free, nut free, lactose free etc)

    • Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you like it.

      I can definitely set a vegetarian category, but I am not very aware of what qualifies as vegan and details of the few others as well. But if it helps, I’ll definitely do some research and set those categories. 🙂

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