Homemade Pizza from Scratch

I was yearning for pizza since breakfast time yesterday. I really wanted to give it a shot, especially since the recipes I saw online all made it look so simple. However, the last time I tried it, it became dry and very toast-like. But that could well be because I used whole wheat flour.

This time, I decided to use all purpose flour, even though I am very much against it. I convinced myself, that it’s okay to use it once in a while. So here’s what I did.



  • 2 cups all purpose flour (maida)
  • 3/4 cup warm water
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3/4 tsp instant dry yeast (although I activated this, instead of adding directly to the flour)
  • 1tbsp olive oil



  • Tomato puree
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oregano
  • sugar
  • Roast garlic granules
  • Lots of fresh basil leaves
  • cheese (I wanted to use mozarella, but had to settle for cheddar since we were both too lazy to leave the house to buy it.)


Step 1

I mixed the yeast, water, and sugar mixture with the flour and oil and kneaded with dough hooks for 5 mins. I then let the dough rest for 5 mins before tipping it on a floured surface and lightly kneading for 2 mins to form a soft ball. I then made three parts of this ball and left them to rise in oiled bowls.

I actually meant to make only two parts, and did start off like that. But my dough turned out to be surprisingly elastic and the first pizza base I made became too large for me to handle. It was lovely, smooth, and elastic. Only, I couldn’t get a perfect round since it’s my first time. I therefore made three smaller bases instead.

Step 2

While the dough was rising, I made a simple Margherita sauce. I simply mixed all the ingredients (minus the cheese and basil) in the puree and warmed it for a minute.

Step 3

I tipped the rounded dough balls on a floured surface and followed this video to the T to shape the dough. I had already preheated the oven with the baking tray inside.

All I then did was spread the tomato sauce, grated some cheese, drizzled a bit of oil, and then rubbed some on the thicker edges.



and baked for 15 mins. I then threw some fresh basil leaves on top and served it to myself. 🙂








  1. Hey Richa! I always follow your blog and I lovve your recipes. so simple to execute and so less ingredients! I am thinking of buying an OTG for me..can you suggest which one I should buy? I haven’t baked anything as of yet..but would like to try.

    • Hey Renuka! Thank you so much for your kind words. I use Morphy Richards, and quite like it. I have used a Bajaj OTG before but didn’t like it very much. You could start with a smaller Morphy Richards model. I like their product quality.

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