Simple 100% whole wheat bread

I have pretty much stopped buying bread and with a new week beginning, it’s time to start making bread. This is pretty much my standard bread recipe but this time I am adding wheat bran and no egg. Let’s see how that goes.


  • 2 large cups whole wheat flour (roughly 300 gms)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp wheat bran
  • 2 1/2 tsp active dry yeast
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • additional water for kneading as needed
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp fat (use anything olive oil, butter, rice bran oil) I’, using rice bran since that’s what I’m cooking with currently
  • poppy seeds for sprinkling on top (just smitten by how pretty they look)


I started of by warming the water and milk together. I added the sugar to it and then the yeast. I left it for about 15-20 mins to froth.


I then mixed the flour, bran and yeast mixture. I added a bit more water to form a rather sticky mass. This time I just left this mass covered with cling for 15 minutes before beginning to knead it. This had allowed the dough to rise and become bubbly.


I’m still in the stage where I try something different with every bread recipe: with/without sugar, with honey, no kneading, 10-mins kneading, milk/no milk, egg/no egg etc. This time I also haven’t yet added the fat and salt to the dough yet. My little sister has studied hotel management in one of the top Indian schools and she mentioned that they always added the salt and fat at the very end. Makes sense actually since salt would interfere with the yeast process.

Anyway, I dumped this dough on a heavily floured surface and began kneading it. The absence of salt had made the dough really sticky (my guess) and it was harder than usual to knead the dough. It kept getting stuck to my palms. But I kept adding flour and kneading anyway till I had a soft dough ball. I then creamed the oil and salt together and worked it into the dough kneading for a further one minute. I then transferred the dough in an oiled bowl and left it along covered with cling. After an hour the dough had doubled in size.


I then sprinkled some water on my worktop and dumped the dough to knead a bit and shape. It’s a trick I had read somewhere. Water prevents the dough from sticking. I even take a bit of water on my palms before kneading to prevent it from sticking. This makes the dough a lot more manageable, especially the dough that has already gone through one kneading cycle.

I then shaped it into a fattish loaf, scored it and sprinkled some poppy seeds on top. I then turned my oven on to preheat at 180 degrees C. Meanwhile I left the dough covered with a plastic bag (not touching the dough). After 20 minutes the loaf had almost doubled up again.


I then baked it for about 20 minutes until golden brown. I then transferred it onto a wire rack and left it to cool (barely).

IMG_3490[1]This time the bread was a lot softer than my regular wholewheat bread. I’d like to think it’s because of adding salt at the very end. I wonder if wheat bran would have anything to do with the softness. Any ideas anyone??

I then enjoyed it with pepper cheese and my homemade pickled red cabbage.

IMG_3497[1]YUMMMMM šŸ™‚



  1. Such beautiful bakes! I have never baked a regular bread, even though I so wish to. Cakes, muffins, pies, quiche. It would be so great to have your own bread for breakfast. Thanks for inspiring me! šŸ™‚ Which oven do you use by the way? I have a regular bajaj OTG.
    Also, I am totally going to try the pickles.

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