Homemade Gift Idea – The Best Pickled Onion Recipe

Reblogging to ensure I don’t forget the recipe.Definitely going to try. Seems yum. And the boiling seems to do the works. Last time I made pickled onions, I pickled them raw and they were a disaster.

Eat Sleep Bake Repeat


I didn’t like pickled onions until about a year ago. I used to make them for everybody else at Christmas time but never ate them myself. But then one time I was eating cheese and biscuits and decided to give them another go, and I’ve never looked back. Now I have to make massive jars of them, between me and Mike they don’t last very long!

These onions are best made about a month in advance of eating them, but seeing as we don’t have a month left before Christmas, really as long as you wait for a couple of days before eating them you should be fine. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t be bad if you eat them before that, but it just takes a few days for the flavours to really come together.

These are good, really good. They should make about 3 large jars of 5 small…

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