Orange Flower & Lemon Rind Cake

Orange Flower and Lemon Rind Cake

My hands had been itching to put together a phenomenally easy cake. I love lemon rind cake for the tartness with flecks of desirable bitter taste and a delicate chewy texture of the baked lemon rind. I cannot not bake one in a new oven. Plus one of my most favorite women in the world had given me a large packet of dried orange flowers. So I decided to follow a standard lemon rind cake recipe with a personal twist of adding a bunch of these dried flowers in the sugar and pulsing it together in the mixie. The result was a surprisingly delicate and warm cake with lemon and orange playing hide and seek in a delicious mass of light fluffy cake.

I followed this recipe sans the lemon glaze and a few minor insignificant additions. I’m an impatient cook who cannot wait to see the final product which is why I never bother to divide the ingredients and then patiently mix them again. But so far, it hasn’t made much of a difference.


My Learning:

  • NEVER add baking powder in abundance just because you have a large packet.
  • Keep checking on the cake frequently especially since in all likelihood you might end u with a slightly overdone top, which I love but isn’t ideal for most.

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